The K-Music Playlist: Dreamscape

April is nearing its end, and a lot of great Korean music has come out to the scene. We’ll be checking out some songs that focus on dreams, love, reflecting on the past, adulthood, and other themes.

I had a VERY difficult time choosing which songs to include. And as always, I tried to include a little bit of everything. If you’re curious to know which songs made the cut, be sure to read on.

8. Yasu – All I Wanted

“All I Wanted” is a nice and chill rap song with a scenic music video that makes you think and reflect on your life . I’m actually surprised by the small amount of views this MV has. I feel like a lot of people are missing out on a great song. I tried to look up English translations of the lyrics, and I found them to be really thought provoking. The following part really hit home to me:

“I do not regret wrong choices.
I do not hang on to those wrong choices.
I still regret it.”

This is definitely a song worth checking out.

7. Dreamcatcher – Good Night

As a VIXX fan (Starlight), a lover of dark concepts and rock music, I really like this song and group a lot. This MV is pretty much a continuation of their previous MV called “Chase Me”. They continue on as witches, rocking out and trying to elude the main male guy who is chasing them. The lyrics of the song is as creepy as the MV, with lines like:

“In the endlessly repeating nightmare
Stay trapped like this forever
Like my very own doll
Baby good night”

 If you love anime or jrock, then I’m sure you’re going to love this song.

6. Ten – Dream In A Dream

Escaping from the darkness and nightmares, we have a more cloud-filled dreamscape with Ten’s “Dream in a Dream”.  SMTown describes the song and music video as the following:

Dream in a Dream infuses Oriental sounds that harmonize with TEN’s dreamy vocals. The song’s lyrics search the meaning of true love at the border line between dream and reality.

I’m not really that familiar with Ten or NCT, but I must say that I’m really impressed with his overall performance. The choreography is absolutely amazing, and I love the oriental vibe of the song and music video. I admit the lyrics are quite simple, with only about 6 lines that are repeated about 3 times. However, I feel like if it had overly complicated lyrics, the song and music video wouldn’t have such a dream-like feel. Plus, it’s a song you can easily sing along to, and the fact that it’s in English is a plus for [English speaking] international fans.

5. Taeyeon – Make Me Love You

I’m a huge fan of Taeyeon’s voice, so I always enjoy her music releases, and this song is no exception. SMTown describes the song as the following:

“Make Me Love You” is a Pop R&B song that will warm up the spring season with TAEYEON’s charming tone and soulful vocals.

Taeyeon also looks simply ethereal in the music video, especially in the flowerbed scenes. I think this is definitely a song worth checking out, especially if you are falling in love with someone.

4. Unit Black – Steal Your Heart

Here we have a catchy song from the rookie group Unit Black of Boys24. I must say that a lot of rookie groups and artists are coming out with some great music. When I first heard this song, I knew it would be one of my go to dance songs of the month. The song is about a guy who is trying to steal the heart of the girl he loves. Throughout the song he tells her how he can’t stand seeing her cry because of the guy she is with, and tries to convince her to leave him. Regarding the MV and choreo, the dance break after the 1 min mark is pretty cool, and I really like the flip they did near the end. Overall, this is yet another great song to groove to.

3. Say Yes – I Miss You

Next up we have a beautiful power ballad from the band Say Yes. This is my first time hearing of them, but to my surprise, they’ve been around since 2013. I really like the song. I love the main singer’s beautiful voice, which makes me want to sing along with him. And following along to this unplanned nightmare/dream theme, I thought I might highlight this part of the lyrics:

“Love is pain for me
I still want you like a nightmare.
I wanna go back (I want to go back)
We then”

If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing bands rocking out to their songs, and those scenes where my favorite in the music video.

2. SALTNPAPER – Satellite (Chicago Typewriter OST Part 1)

I haven’t taken the time to start watching this drama (I still need to finish Strong Woman Do Bong Soon first), but their ost has been pretty impressive so far. I have a soft spot for SALTNPAPER’s music, so when I saw their name, I just knew I had to check this song out. Every time I listen to this song, I feel so melancholic and tend to lose track of time. It’s really nice, and sung in English, so [English speaking] international fans will be able to understand the song. The lyrics that caught my attention, and pairs well with my dream theme, goes as follow:

“Don’t wanna say goodbye
I wanna hear your voices
in dreams
Don’t wanna see your tears
I wanna see your traces
I hear you”

Judging by this song alone, I’m guessing the drama is gonna be pretty amazing. Let me know if you’re watching it, and if you’re enjoying it so far.

1. Kim Na Young – Being An Adult

Here is my number 1 song on the list. There are many reasons why I made this #1, but the main reason is because it really made me think and reflect on my life. I can’t help but think of how, as an adult, life didn’t really turn out the way I thought they would. I had so many goals and dreams. I had so many expectations, and was exited to see what my future would hold. But now, as an adult, I can’t really think the same way anymore. Reality is a lot darker than what you grow up thinking it to be. I’m not gonna continue on, but I highly recommend you listen to this song, watch the music video, and read the lyrics. It’s all perfection. Na Young’s voice is beautiful, the music video is aesthetically pleasing, and the lyrics of the song are extremely thought provoking. Overall, this song is a 5 out of 5 in my book.

We’ve finally reached the end of the playlist. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what your favorite April songs were.

Until next time!





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