The K-Music Playlist: Reflections

I originally opened a Youtube channel with the intention of uploading a Korean Music Playlist once a week. Unfortunately, my computer just doesn’t have the processing power to edit videos the way I want it to. So for the time being, I’m going to be making my music playlists in blog post format.

This weeks playlist feature songs released during the month of March 2017. I tried to keep the list short, and include a little bit of everything, so I really hope you enjoy it.

Without further or do, let’s begin!

5. Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours

We’re starting off this playlist with a sexy and fierce song from Girl’s Day. The song is pretty much about a girl who is telling the guy to not be shy and approach her, because she likes him. When he confidently goes to her, she’ll be his. I find the music video and choreography pair well with the song. My heart hurt a little when I saw the piano burning scenes. Every time I see a musical instrument get destroyed in a music video, I cry a little bit inside. This was specially painful since the piano is pink. I love pink *cries*.

4. DJ Friz Featuring Mrchll – Resist

The second song on the list is from an artist I don’t really know much about. I mostly know him from his feature in Heize’s song “And July”, which also features Dean. This song is really good, and the animated music video is beautiful, yet very sad. The song is in English, so if you’re an English speaker, you’ll be able to understand the lyrics. Regarding the music video, it tells a very sad story of a being from the underworld who has to bury the souls of people who die. It’s definitely a song/mv worth checking out.

3. Jung Joon Il – Wish

I’ve been a fan of Jung Joon Il since his Mate days. I just absolutely love his voice. It’s one of those voices that reach deep into my soul and touches my heart. His and Mate’s music has helped me go through a lot of tough times throughout the years. I feel this song will also help many people who are going through tough times, especially those who have just broken up with someone. Park Shin Hye stars in the MV, and does an amazing job evoking the pain of heartbreak. Seeing her cry made my want to go through the screen and give her a big hug. Overall, it’s a beautiful song/MV that will make you shed some tears.

2. B.A.P. – Wake Me Up

After all that B.A.P. has gone through, and the leader (Bang YongGuk) taking a break for mental health reasons, it’s nice to see them back together as six with a very meaningful title track. I think this was the perfect song for YongGuk to come back to. Suffering with anxiety and panic disorder while working as an idol must be super tough, and coming back to the public with a song that deals with social issues and inner struggles is very admirable. BAP has always been a group that releases songs and MVs that make you think and reflect. Seeing the comment section of the MV filled with people sharing their experiences, inner struggles, and interpretations of the video was really nice to see. This is a song I feel needs to be shared and talked of a lot more.

1. Ashmute – Scenery

There is no doubt this is my favorite song released during the month of March. I’ve had it on repeat since its release. I love everything about it, and feel like a lot of people are missing out on this masterpiece. The singer has an extremely beautiful voice, and the song itself gives me an air of melancholy. They describe the single as an “afterimage of winter, start of spring, and a short piece about someone.” I also really like the MV. It gives me a sort of retro 80’s-90’s feel. Overall, this song is an absolute must listen. Give the MV a watch. I assure you, you wont regret it.

BONUS: Jeong Eun Ji – You’re My Garden (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Original Soundtrack)

I know, I know. This song was released in February, but I decided to include it anyway. Why? Well, because I started watching the drama in March. I’ve been singing and humming this song constantly, and I just HAD to include it. EunJi is one of my favorite female idol singers, and I’m happy she sang the first OST song of this drama. She has a beautiful voice, and it perfectly complements the scenes it appears in. If you haven’t watched the drama, you are definitely missing out. It’s one of those dramas where I’m literally laughing out loud, and that’s quite rare for me. I plan on posting my thoughts on it later on, so be on the look out for that if you’re interested.

That’s it for this playlist! I hoped you liked it!

What were your favorite songs of March 2017? Let me know in the comments below.

Until the next post, bye!


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