FREE Korean Language Learning Sites (My Korean Learning Journey: An Introduction)

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. I am going to start learning Korean. Woohoo!

I’ve been wanting to study the language for quite a few years now, but I’ve never taken the time to actually learn seriously. I am dirt broke, so buying textbooks, taking courses at a university, and/or hiring a tutor are not options for me. Regardless, I’ve found quite a few online websites that offer free Korean language courses.

After checking a lot of them out, I decided to use the following websites for my online studies:

1. Quick Korean from The Cyber University of Korea.

  • It has four levels. Each level comes with videos, practice exercises, as well as an exam at the end of the level. They even give you a certificate after completion.  This will be the place where I’ll mainly go to.

2. Korean From Zero.

  • It comes with two courses. The first course even comes with a free textbook pdf download. I think some lessons in this course will be a great supplement to Quick Korean.

3. Click Korean from Seoul National University .

  • Click Korean comes with 20 Units. The units come with some interactive practice exercises that can help reinforce what I am learning, especially with learning Hangul.

4. Talk To Me In Korean.

  • This website was mentioned the most when I was looking for free online courses. I do plan on using the website, but after I have finished with the Quick Korean levels. I think Talk To Me In Korean would be more useful to me as a refresher (to help me review what I’ve learned). I want to start with learning Hangul, and they don’t offer that video course for free.

5. First Step Korean from Yonsei University at Coursera

  • I’ve known about Coursera for a long time, but just recently discovered that they offer free Korean language learning courses for beginners. There are two so far: First Step Korean and Learn to Speak Korean 1. I’m currently taking a web design course there and I LOVE it, so I’m debating on whether I should start with Quick Korean, or this… …or both. The free course is 5 weeks long, and includes: video lectures, supplemental lecture notes, practice exercises, quizzes, and forums to discuss the course material with other students. It seems like an amazing beginners course.
Other websites I will use:
Quizlet – I will be making flashcards and sharing them on my blog.

I also plan on participating in online language exchange, but I need to do some more research first. Feel free to recommend some websites to me. Until then, I’m going to possibly upload audio recordings of my pronunciation practices in the hopes of someone giving me feedback.


Feel free to join me on my language journey! I’ll be posting my progress, all of the resources I use during each lesson, my flashcards, my audio practices, my writing practices, and anything else I find relevant.

If you’re fluent in Korean, please give me feedback! I would greatly appreciate it!
If you want to do a language exchange with me, let me know!
That’s it for this introduction.
Until the next post!

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