My Amazing Boyfriend [MAB]: 1st Impressions

I’ve watched the first 7 episodes of this drama, and I must say I’m liking it a lot so far. I admit it was kind of hard for me to watch the first 2 episodes. The drama reminded me too much of “You Who Came From The Stars” [YWCFTS] (I later read that MAB took inspiration from that drama), and I’m also not a huge fan of dubbed voices. Regardless, I kept watching, and I’m glad I did.

A “You Who Came From The Stars” Remake, or Not?

Even though there are some aspects that are similar to YWCFTS, My Amazing Boyfriend is actually quite different.

-Male leads are hundreds of years old (immortal).
-Male leads have superpowers (can fly, super hearing, can heal)
-Female leads are actresses.
-Female leads live in a very spacious apartment.

-Male leads are different species. YWCFTS is an alien, MAB is a human.
-YWCFTS male lead is a professor and is accustomed to the ways of the present time. MAB wakes up from 100 years of deep sleep, and doesn’t know the ways of present time (but is quick at getting accustomed to his surroundings).
-The alien has to go back to his planet or he dies. The human needs to avoid becoming an experiment (and get his blood drained).
-YWCFTS female lead is more antagonistic with her costar. MAB acts more like friends.

Even though the drama may share some similarities with YWCFTS, I feel like the differences are significant enough to set it apart and prevent it from becoming a remake.

The Scenes

My favorite scene in the drama so far is the “I’m pregnant!” scene. The mains get caught in a compromising position by her parents, her parents begin hitting the guy, and the girl’s way to solving the problem is by screaming that she’s pregnant. Like, out of everything you can say, you decide to say that. She’s a bit over the top and ridiculous at times, but I’ve gotten used to it.

My least favorite scene would have to be when the main girl tries to do things to make the guy leave. It’s more like a love/hate relationship with that scene than actual dislike. I dislike how downright ridiculous her attempts are, but the ridiculousness is so over the top that I can’t help but find it funny. She tries garlic (even though he’s not a vampire), a wooden dagger (which he can obviously break), and a bucket of water (that’s not even half full). After that, she just gives up. Her “attempts” are really laughable.

The Actors

I’m not gonna lie, my first impression of the main actor wasn’t the best. It seems to me they deliberately tried to get a guy who looks a bit like Kim Soo Hyun in YWCFTS. The fact that the actor is Korean doesn’t really help their case either. I feel like there were times where he even acts like Kim Soo Hyun’s character. I’ve never seen this actor before, so I checked to see his previous work and found that this was his acting debut. His acting to me is not perfect, but I think he’s doing pretty good considering it’s his first drama. However, I do feel like the dubbing throws me off at times when it comes to the acting.

The main female character sometimes gets on my nerves, but I think that’s just how the the actress’s character is. Her smiles can be somewhat exaggerated, but I’m guessing that’s also supposed to be a part of the character’s charm. Unlike the male lead, I don’t feel like she’s trying to imitate the female lead in YWCFTS, which is nice.

Even though my comments may seem somewhat harsh, I do feel like they’re doing a good job. If they’ve managed to keep me interested in the drama, and invest my time with these character’s stories, then they must be doing something right.

Conclusion So Far…

Overall, I’m really enjoying this drama. I like how different it actually is to YWCFTS. I feel like it’s a bit more lighthearted than YWCFTS, and has a better chance of getting a happy ending. I’m definitely going to keep on watching.

Well, that’s it for this 1st impressions post. If you want me to talk more about the drama, let me know. If you want me to do a 1st impressions post for another drama, also let me know.

That’s it for now!

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